Fonds Belval is a public organisation established pursuant to the Law of 25 July 2002 for the development of the “Cité des Sciences, de la Recherche et de l’Innovation” (City of Science, Research and Innovation) and is the contractor for the construction of government projects on the industrial wasteland at Belval. Their mission is to develop the projects, from the preparation of the construction program to the commissioning of facilities. Unlike private sector contractors, Fonds Belval is required to submit a bill for approval for each of these building projects. Its main duties are to produce detailed construction programs and feasibility studies, to establish prerequisites for studies, to organise architectural design competitions, to oversee and guide studies, to undertake financial management and accounting.
In the interests of promoting quality architecture, most of the “Cité des Sciences” (City of Science) projects – the National Archives building, the Business Incubator, the first government administration building, the Bel-Val-Secondary School, as well as the first four buildings for the University of Luxembourg and the Public Research Centres – were selected through international architectural design competitions, involving a number of participants selected by a jury based on the applications received. The urban concept for the location of the“ Maisons des Sciences de la Vie and des Matériaux” (Houses of Life Sciences and Materials) is based, for its part, on the results of an ideas competition.

Since 24 November 2015, Fonds Belval has a new legal basis, which also entrusts it with the management of the infrastructure it builds, including maintenance and operation, as well as the transformation, the adaptation according to needs and the modernization of these buildings.