cité des sciences

maison de l'environnement I

The overall concept of the natural sciences cluster founded by the “Maisons des Sciences de la Vie, de l’Environnement et des Matériaux” (Houses of Life Sciences, Environment and Materials), is based on a variety of activities, urban transparency and on the need for flexibility due to the evolving nature of lab research in various scientific fields. This concept lays out the broad architectural parameters that each building must meet, in order to create true unity in diversity. The particular location of the L-shaped “Maison de l’Environnement I” (House of Environment I) gives it a special status, underlined by the voluntaristic design of the corner. In order to create a connection between the Blast Furnace Terrace and the northern neighbourhoods that are still under development, the transparency of these buildings at ground-floor level is extremely important. This is the reason for the construction of the colonnade along the “place de l’Université” (University Square) with shops and covered passages.